Cat People: Are We Humanizing Our Cats Over The Line?  

Animal lovers around the world would surely agree that having beloved animal(s) at home is considered as family member. Our feelings and thoughts towards them is the same as we are socializing with our fellow human. Attentive, caring and loving.

Cats - as a unique creation of God among other incredible things He created - have been well equipped with every ‘sophisticated instruments’ cats needed. Cats are delicately well designed in nature to survive in this world together with human. After cats being domesticated by human, the relationship between cats and human have becoming much closer.

I regard cats are unique companion for us at home. Based on my long observations, they are the only one of its kinds among other animals. A delicate creature, in a way when they become so attached with us, it is practically a difficult task to distinct whether we copy their behavior, or they are the copy cat! They have been mingled and blended with our personalities and characters. The distinction between cats and humans become blur when people are too much falling in love and getting over attached – like stamp on envelope - with their furry companions.

The hardest part of being in love is to accept them just they way they are. Once ever said to me, what is true love? Embrace a rose, as a wholeness beauty including its thorn. This fruitful sentence is prevailing to any kind of beings.

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Can we as cat lovers accept our beloved cats just they way they are?
Let them exist, respect their rights and share the love in nature way as it is . . . . .

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Love came
flowed like blood
beneath skin, through veins
emptied me of my self
filled me
with the Beloved
till every limb
every organ was seized
and occupied
till only
my name remains.
the rest is It.
(excerpt from Abu-Said Abil-Kheir)

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