Cats Emotion, between The Feeling and The Mood  

Have you ever noticed that domesticated cats -among any other creatures- have almost the same emotion with us, humans?

Based on a study, wild cats in the jungle, only have few emotions, such as angry and fear. However, domesticated cats, cats that used to live in a loving homes with humans, have more variant emotions. They experience a range of emotions just like we do.

I believe, that is because cats are a very keen and good observer, not to mention they are the master of copy cat. Cats love to examine our feelings, and play with it.

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Cat Rescue: A Special Call, A Touching Meet Up  

It is so amazing how destiny could bring a little cat together with human. Here one of the incredible story, ‘a cat rescue was on the way’ shared by Sylvain Henry from Ottawa, Canada on October 26th, 2010. Sylvain’s favourite inspiring quote is from M.K. Gandhi, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

How I Met Church

Church has been my cat for almost 4 years now. How I got is quite an interesting story. On the week before Christmas my daughter looked out the window and screamed.

A small grey Tabby cat had climbed up a tree to the highest and smallest branches and was just hanging there for her dear life. I called the animal protection services and they refused to come help, I also called many other city and private agencies (including the fire department) and all refused to rescue her. She hung there for several hours on a windy freezing winter day and it was impossible for us to reach her. Finally out of pure exhaustion she dropped towards the ground and we thought she would die for sure and my daughter was crying uncontrollably and closed her eyes.

Then something strange happened for the moment she fell, a strong wind blew and pushed her falling body on the roof of my neighbours house. The house roof was helped to break her fall. Still she laid there motionless until I got a ladder and climbed the roof to get her body, expecting she would be dead. I would have did, falling from such a height.

Meet Lady Church from Canada

She was still breathing and I felt the bones of her limp body and saw that no bones were broken. We brought her inside the house and I told my kids we would keep her till she healed then let her go. Once she healed she never wanted to leave our house so we kept her for good. I never was a cat lover before Church, but since Church adopted me, we also decided to adopt her for good.

Sylvain Henry, BSc., Ottawa Community Organizer, Event Manager & Social Justice Activist initiated Mass Action Demand: Chemtrails & Geoengineering group. He is known as CanadianSpartacus in YouTube channel and can be contacted via email sylvain(dot)henry(at)gmail(dot)com or cellphone (613) 600-LEAD (5323). Learn more about the cause he has been instigated at

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