Cat Meditation  

Have you ever noticed if you lay down on the mat to get some rest and rejuvenate, your kitties are slowly coming to approach you and join near by you for a sleep or catnap.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see how a cat meditate

They just love to join you in a great sleep!

sleeping kitten is a way of meditate

Furthermore, imitate your sleep style.

Sleep! The most joyful activity for cats

Or, at another time, you need to rest your mind and calm yourself, you take a meditation pose.

Your kitties in silence coming by to sit down gracefully near you, or even to get a position on your lap!

funny pictures
Meditate, like a cat!

As our spirit become calm and resonate the love and serenity vibes, our kitties enjoy so much this peacefullness state of aura. Tranquility.

Our kitties meditate in their daily habitual. Sleeping. Sitting. Observing. Purring. They teach us on how to becoming one with our surrounding, our nature. Be peaceful with our wild minds and restless thoughts. Their free style of meditation are so incredible! Even in their walk, so gracefully, they are in the state of meditating. I read about walking meditation in a health magazine. A walk can release your stress and letting go your negative emotions. And, we can also meditate in our walking, that's why it is called walking meditation.

funny pictures of cats with captions
Walk, like a cat!

See, now you can learn more from your cat today.

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