Cat Behavior in House  

1. Stop Your Cat Spraying In the House a huge behavior problem cat owners can face is scent spraying. Normally, this is merely a cat behavior trouble with male cats after they reach sexual maturity. You'll find your kitten didn't do this. Cat spraying, though it is viewed by us since a behavioral problem, to some cat it's a very normal thing to do, they’re simply marking their territory with other male cats. The smell of cat urine in this case can be unbearable, since the scent is a concentrated for of cat urine. One of many easiest solutions to stop this is to have your cat neutered. As soon as your cat is neutered he’ll no more time feel the territorial urge and for that reason stop spraying. If you’re against neutering your cat you may also try leaving a bowl of food where your cat is spraying, as cats will not urinate where there's food.Either way this would stop this cat behavior problem.

2. Stop your cat from like a fussy eater although being a fussy eater my not appear to be the cat behavior problem, it definitely is. If your cat has become fussy through eating human food or perhaps a certain kind of food and will not eat anything else then it won't begetting the proper nutrients that it requires. This leads to bad tempered cats, with all method of health problems. A great way to rectify this cat behavior issue is to start by mixing a small amount of your meals are has become use to with normal cat food, and then gradually increase the particular cat food and lower one other food. Eventually you will have your cat eating normal cat food again and this bad behavior may have stopped.

3. Stop your cat from scratching the furniture this is an awful cat behavior problem that starts from your very young age. If you can, stop this problem when it starts. You will need to purchase a scratching post for your cat; it may be present in all good pet stores. Each and every time your cat would go to scratch the furniture take the cat towards the scratching post and set its claws about the twine, your cat will soon obtain the idea and the scratching is going to take put on the post rather than your furniture.

4. Prevent you cat from fighting If your cat is fighting; it really is commonly a territorial behavior. Although this is deemed to be a bad behavior by us, for cats this is typical and they're just protecting their territory. You will find only really two way it is possible to stop this, the very first is to neuter your cat, wherebythe cat won’t consider it wise to exert its territorial rights, or keep your cat in. This is a choice that should be made caringly through the owner.

5. Stop your cat from howling this bad cat behavior is usually performed by female cats on heat. They howl to draw in the attention with the other cats inside the neighbor hood. You can’t stop this bad behavior without having neutering your female cat, although you can test to alleviate the suffering of one's neighbors people don't wish to neuter your cat, by continuing to keep the kitty indoors during the time when she actually is on heat.

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