When Your Significant Other Is Cat(s)  

Points to Ponder: Do we spend more time with cats than human?
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You may have heard different kinds of stories how a cat has unique way becoming human’s companion and teacher at the same time. Every time I read stories about the history of cat lovers meet their beloved companions, I always been amazed on how cats enter human’s life at a perfect moment. In particular occasions, just at the time when human need help desperately on their psychology and spiritual side and voila! The perfect cats’ just right there pop up into our life, greeting us in various forms of ‘meeting’. Like when some cat lovers came across and fell in love with certain cats at a shelter. Feral or stray cats came into our home suddenly from no where with begging expression asking to stay with us. Or when we are on way back home, in the street we found a scared and sick kitten meaow out loud manifesting their desperation to be helped by us. Other story, a mother brought a kitty for her down in the dumps daughter to comfort her. And many more.
Based on my observations and personal experiences, cats are the most “sensitive” creature. Sensitive in the terms of positive meaning:

- responsive to feelings and moods as well as to external stimuli or impressions;
- capable of perceiving with a sense or senses;
- susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others;
- able to feel or perceive;
- knowing and perceiving;
- having awareness of surroundings and sensations and thoughts.

How deep cats’ have affected on our life?
The cats have passed down this special personality to cat lovers. They always use their senses, either with their whiskers or any other means to every stimulant. Even to ring tone from mobile phone they sniff to the sound instead using their hearing because I often see my cats do this. At first I wonder why my cats don’t use their hearing to sense the sound like we do. Then I realized that naturally and instinctively, they prefer to identify anything with their whiskers and sniffs. These parts of their senses are the most sensitive and essential tools to identify. They have been teaching us to maximize our senses and sensitivity without further thoughts and too much thinking. Observation is a must, though. At certain times, they become keen observer.
This sensitivity, as I believe being the cat power, leads us to significant impact, such as being more compassionate, sincere, kindness, pure and powerful loving, patient, soothing soul, inner peaceful, and thoughtfulness. Last but not least, gradually erasing our selfishness.
Sometimes we may even forget our true humanity, but they always manage to bring them back inside us. Thus, makes me often wonder, who is the true human and which one is the animal actually?
Let’s take a look for a moment this video below. How a young man’s heart melt for the lost of his beloved cat …because it’s not easy to say goodbye to our loved one and especially our special ‘guru’. Our dearly cats.
Brief note from the video maker
I made the video, originally, for my son (who is 18 now) - thinking that the tribute to his "best animal friend" would help him through the loss. He won't even watch it - says it's just too much. Real men DO cry - never saw my son cry like that before. Letting go & saying good-bye was terribly difficult for him... guess he doesn't want the reminders...Fat Boy was a true animal friend & companion & is missed.
It’s human to cry, even for men.
Don’t worry guys, crying won’t loose your masculinity side. It’s healthy because it releases our toxins and let go our burden. So, it’s very relieving… Thanks to our Significant Other!
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