Californians, how come cat caregivers for stray & feral cats in your residence area is considered as lawbreakers?  

I realized in this world nobody is perfect, and so does everything that produced or made by humans. Yet, this one came to my attention when I was socializing in Facebook, an animal lover informed a news from YouTube about a 65 year old woman may face jail time for feeding hungry, abandoned stray cats in the City of Beverly Hills.

In US, there’s a top notch organization to save and protect the existence of feral and stray cats, Alley Cat Allies. I’ve been amazed with their efforts and support in caring for stray and feral cats. I was curious to find out more about this issue in California, so I went to their website.

When you start to care and dare to take action to help others in need (especially animals who cannot raise their own voices to humans) and in return you get labeled as a lawbreaker, don’t you think that is totally absurd and insane?

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One Big Mistake To Ignore A Cat's Teaching: "HELP US CREATE SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT TODAY."  

What is the most magnificent lessons learned from our dear cats' teachings?


Yes, as you have familiarized yourselves with cats' sophisticated characters, the most intriguing part is their strong own willingness. Cats just do whatever they want and they wish to do. No matter what we have told them. Even when we call their names', they most often do not come to us immediately, well, unless they are hungry, of course.

At times when they sleep in our couch, even in our bed, they just wanna be the only 'thing' in those exquisite premises. Nothing else matters. Although you are the couch or bed owners.

During enjoying their meals, most cats even do not want to share their bowls with their moms and siblings. They just wanna be the only one who eats in that bowl.

As for myself, being more than 30 years living with different cats, somehow they got severe ill at times when I am broke. I was so sad and had dilemmas on choosing priorities at that time. There was a time I had to force myself to borrow my friend's cash to bring them to the vet because I did not have money at all. No savings. Just sufficient for daily meals and transportation for work at the office.

At other time, I was a fresh graduate and had no savings at all, and employed in the first job for 2 weeks, so I hadn't got my monthly salary yet. I was so blessed to find a very kind vet, I promised her to pay after I received my salary and to convince her I offered her to leave my identity card as a guarantee. However, she said no and I could still kept my identity card in my wallet at that time.

At all times, my cats 'keep' reminding me to diminish my selfishness. It's not easy to realize that, and it's not easy too to let go all our ego. I'm so blessed to learn kindred spirit from my late parents and my cats. Gradually, I determined myself to do the very best to help whenever I can. Even during tough times at my own.

This evening I received an important message from a wonderful spirit, a Canadian gentleman resides in Ottawa. I have met many beautiful souls during my journey in this virtual world, and one of them is Sylvain. His message reminded me to my cat's teaching and moved me to write this post. His ideals to help others encourage me to do the same. He proposes a simple social experiment to prove Satyagraha (The Force of Truth and Love from Mahatma Gandhi) still works today. Thus, it is meant to leverage Peace and Prosperity, as we all aware that many people become unemployed since 2008. If more people loosing their jobs, based on facts and research, it is afraid will endanger peace in the world. As he suggested, as we all can do this simple thing for the good cause for Peace and Prosperity, let's take a real action as follows:
Positive Petition Experiment: If you have a Twitter account, Facebook group, blog, or a website, please copy this message below with the exact same words so that Google Search engines will pick it up and it will become a Positive Petition. "HELP US CREATE SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT TODAY." For further details, please visit Sylvain at his blog
The Global Collaborator in his posting Timeless Principle of Satyagraha.

Let's start to care others and take action. Sylvain's idea is just a simple thing to do for everyone to help people and raising awareness for Peace and Prosperity. If we don't start with ourselves, then who will do it if not us?

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Cat Meditation  

Have you ever noticed if you lay down on the mat to get some rest and rejuvenate, your kitties are slowly coming to approach you and join near by you for a sleep or catnap.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see how a cat meditate

They just love to join you in a great sleep!

sleeping kitten is a way of meditate

Furthermore, imitate your sleep style.

Sleep! The most joyful activity for cats

Or, at another time, you need to rest your mind and calm yourself, you take a meditation pose.

Your kitties in silence coming by to sit down gracefully near you, or even to get a position on your lap!

funny pictures
Meditate, like a cat!

As our spirit become calm and resonate the love and serenity vibes, our kitties enjoy so much this peacefullness state of aura. Tranquility.

Our kitties meditate in their daily habitual. Sleeping. Sitting. Observing. Purring. They teach us on how to becoming one with our surrounding, our nature. Be peaceful with our wild minds and restless thoughts. Their free style of meditation are so incredible! Even in their walk, so gracefully, they are in the state of meditating. I read about walking meditation in a health magazine. A walk can release your stress and letting go your negative emotions. And, we can also meditate in our walking, that's why it is called walking meditation.

funny pictures of cats with captions
Walk, like a cat!

See, now you can learn more from your cat today.

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Hibernation Mode Set Off!  

It’s a warming up posting!

It has been such a long time since the last time I greeted you with my musings, almost 9 months ago. Yet, I have never forgotten on your side, as well as pondering on how the loving kitties have affected deeply into your life, either good or bad, it all depends on how we perceive them.

Do you still remember my posting about learning behaviour, who’s imitating who?

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

It is very intriguing to find out how our cats become our mirror. Reflections. From A to Z. All the great, the good and the marvelous things inside us being replicated almost perfectly by them. Last but not least, also the bad and the ugly ones.

I might have the key for self-help improvement. If you wish to seek more about yourself, everything that you feel you are unable to see them inside you, just observe your cat at home. It will take time to absorb things on their behaviours. Everytime I want to see inside myself, going to into deep, within inner-self – for a better me - I love to observe my kitties at home. Their day to day behaviours and habits. It is so amazing!

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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