Love Against All Odds  

In my previous posting on “Friendships Among Long Time Foes”, we have seen wonderful things about the relationships between cats and their long time enemies. Dogs breastfeeding kittens or even play with them. A dog giving ride to a cat with a mouse on top of it. A mommy cat taking care chicks, and a rabbit being a surrogate mom with kittens.

This time I found love stories between cats and humans are far beyond our imagination. One afternoon last year, I was astonished to see on TV that a middle-aged woman breastfeeds her cat in a village somewhere in Indonesia. It was reported by a national channel news. Furthermore, her husband did not mind at all. At first, I thought it was happening only in Indonesia. Then, I made some little research in the internet – thanks to Uncle Google and Auntie Yahoo for their help - similar occurrence has happened too in Japan. Until know, it is unknown for me whether these events are considered bizarre or become lost in bedazzlement. Such a mind-boggling thing what love can do to people and their beloved animal companions.


Another remarkable story is about a woman in Columbia found a lion cub, who was wounded and hungry. She took him home and raised him until he was too big. She then gave him to the local zoo, where she visits him every day. Take a closer look on how this lion hugs, kisses her and even smiling at her in the video below, exactly just like human to human. Again, my breath has been taken away by this lion behavior and how the way he treated the woman. A human touch does have significant impact strongly in this wild creature emotion.

Although the big cats are popular by their untamed and well-known beasts, however this story unravels the common paradigm. Now it is proven a big cat can have the heart and behavior like human. A true love has trespassing beyond all boundaries.

A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.
~ Ernest Hemingway

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