Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and The Cat  

2# Do You Know . . . . .

Ever notice how
Bruce Lee - an eminent martial artist of the 20th century - duels in his legendary movies? He often adopted cat’s unique tone in most of his fight scenes that commonly being used by feline as a start up before the cat fight begins. It’s very interesting to wonder why Bruce Lee imitated cat’s voice. Even in one of his movies, “The Way of the Dragon”, where he had a fight with Chuck Norris in Rome's Colosseum is the iconic scene that this film builds towards. Witnessed only by a street cat, they square up and do battle, matching Bruce's agility and speed against Norris' power and size.

Let’s figure out why Bruce Lee using cat, both the voice or as witness in the fight scene above mentioned. Feline tend to use high pitch tone or unique voice in most cat fight cases for the purpose to sense their opponent awareness. On the other hand, to feel how their sensitivity level in initiating where does the movement will go to. The most important thing is to distract the attention, and last but not least to show who has the strongest guts.

His duel with Chuck Norris in Rome’s Colosseum witnessed by a cat, an intriguing opinion said that what Bruce was trying to say was he is the Cat and when the Cat was playing around with the white stone that’s supposed to symbolises Chuck Norris and the style he does. He was trying to say that his Jeet Kune Do was flexible while the style that Chuck was doing was like rock very limited.
Take a closer look in this fight scene. Just a thought of mine. In first round, Bruce was like playing around with Chuck, made him experienced a “fake” victory. Cat sometime love to fool around, usually called as play fight. Thus, Chuck felt a victory was underway in his hand and made him underestimate of Bruce’s skills. In martial arts it is consider a dangerous thing to take too lightly of your opponent, because this would be a golden opportunity to take you down swiftly. And, the next round was, you already knew the answer.
The way Bruce would make his movies with a whole lot of messages. He wanted to deliver his messages through movies with very deep level of understanding and philosophical look at the martial arts and its true purpose. And, I think feline, our dearly domesticated cats is the best martial artist whom we can learn a lot to survive in this life. Why? Stay tuned for the next felinesophy sequel.

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