CATFIGHT in Human World vs Feline Spheres  

1# Have You Ever Wonder?

Many terms we found in our daily life were adopted from feline behavior. Take as for example, catfight. Have you ever wonder why an altercation between two women which involving scratching, hair-pulling, and shirt-shredding as opposed to punching or wrestling, or merely two human females insulting each other verbally or being otherwise nasty to each other, known as cat fight? How come we don’t call it as rabbitfight or micefight?

For feline, a fight has different purpose as for women. Cats will fight each other over territory, mating rights and to defend their young. And, catfights for human interpretation are different from other kinds of fights involving women, because they usually involve competition between two or more women, usually over men.

So let’s find out why – the application of catfight term – on human and feline. Perhaps for non-catlovers this may difficult to understand. Have you ever watch closely and observe how real catfight between feline? Starting with hissing, then follow up by increasing the high pitch of each cat voice – very loud indeed until you cannot sleep well – if these combating voices aren’t work well to get rid of the other cat, surely they begin to have physical clash. In feline world, this typical catfight valid for both sexes, male and female cats. Unlike cats, in our world, using catfight terminology is most likely to be applied for women. Now, back to the definition as mentioned above in the first paragraph, can you see the sameness?

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