Friendships Among Long Time Foes  

Another Revolution in Behavior?

Cats make friendship with dogs, nothing unusual these days. The past few years, even my darling cats tend to ignore the rats that often pass by in front of their noses. No eagerness, no excitement and no curiosity to catch rodents. Perhaps they are tired being enemies for centuries. Many people now keep their furry companion as family member at home not just cats or dogs only. Even squirrel, rabbit, chick, and sometimes rat also included. Apparently, they all make amicable settlement. Finally. No foe, no enemy. Neither of them consider as prey.

It is truly amazing moment and touching when we have the opportunity to look closely on
cats playing with dogs cheerfully. They care each other by licking one to another, what a wonderful love. No hatred and not even hostility exist. The best part is, there are female dogs breastfeeding to kittens and vice versa. Or, mommy cat taking care chicks.

Mother of chicks
They are all living together peacefully, so peaceful.

Last but not least, how about a dog kindly giving ride to a cat on his back with a rat on top of them?

What strike me the most is how come they can all live together in tranquility?
A friend told me that those things could only occur if they are raised together since toddler. On the contrary, if we try to unite and bring them together when they already grown up or adult, it would be most likely difficult. Though it is possible, but the possibility is very scarce. This hypothesis could be right, or wrong. If in animal kingdom the long time enemies could settle down their well known hostile destiny and make loving relationship as shown above, then why on earth, we as humans still fail to do so?

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