Miracles: Do You Believe It?  

The cycle of life continues to roll. Our life as human. Our surroundings keeps growing and leaving the Mother Nature. We may often think that our life is “different” with Mother Nature, trees, animals, water, wind and so on. Different in a way that trees, animals and water do not have to work for a living, do not have to marry someone when they are falling in love and the list could be more that we can think of in our daily life. Nevertheless, their life – I believe – at certain points representing and mirroring our life. Have you ever thought the life of water?

I have been pondering that basically we are sharing the “same” kind of live with them. What makes us seem apart from them because we have been doing the ‘thinking’ part portion larger than their. Sometimes we have a bad day or a good day. Being happy or get hurt. Sadness, tears and fears. Love, joy and miracles naturally strike to all kinds of beings.

How do you feel if one or some of your family members get reunited after separated quite some time due to unavoidable destiny?

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This video has taught me valuable lessons. It never occur in my mind that even in a cat’s family can be such a heartbreaking to me as human if they are separated, especially the kittens who still need their mom’s to breastfeeding and having disability. Even though they are not come from fabulous cat breed - they are just feral and stray cats - how can we have the heart to neglect and ignore their need of love and caring from us just like that?

Life is miraculous, if we believe miracles and magical things can happen into any beings. And,
Love is the universal language to make miracles come true.

Love is that that never sleeps,
nor even rests,
nor stays for long with those that do.
Love is language that cannot be said,
or heard.

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