Californians, how come cat caregivers for stray & feral cats in your residence area is considered as lawbreakers?  

I realized in this world nobody is perfect, and so does everything that produced or made by humans. Yet, this one came to my attention when I was socializing in Facebook, an animal lover informed a news from YouTube about a 65 year old woman may face jail time for feeding hungry, abandoned stray cats in the City of Beverly Hills.

In US, there’s a top notch organization to save and protect the existence of feral and stray cats, Alley Cat Allies. I’ve been amazed with their efforts and support in caring for stray and feral cats. I was curious to find out more about this issue in California, so I went to their website.

When you start to care and dare to take action to help others in need (especially animals who cannot raise their own voices to humans) and in return you get labeled as a lawbreaker, don’t you think that is totally absurd and insane?

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