Cat Adoption for A Loving Home  

Every creatures, each living thing has its soul and spirit. The human love keeps them "alive", without our compassion and love, most often we see the unwanted and abandon cats are 'dry'. Dry in being loved by human. A thirsty condition for love.

A study shows that feral cats and stray cat usually have the average of 2 years life time. Whilst the fortunate cats, the house cats have more than 5 years of life time.

Too many, we often hear cute and adorable cats and young kittens are going to be destroyed in shelters if no one is able to adopt them. Cat shelters, is only a temporary 'domain' for our feline friends. They are not destined to be there for good. The shelters for abandon and unwanted cats serve as a cat rescue in critical situation.

Let's adopt these unfortunate cats, from cat shelters, or from the streets, and public places. They surely do need our love and human touch. The relationship we bond with these cats are mutual. They love us back with their own way, that is to enlighten us, the human.

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