Domestic Cat  

Although not considered a breed by cat associations, the American domestic cat can be present in many American homes. It could be big or small, white, black or any color and short or long haired. Purebred cats have been recognized since 1871 even though the American domestic’s heritage dates back thousands of years. It first arrived in the United States with European colonists several hundred years ago. It was first domesticated by the Egyptians around 2000BC.

The Egyptians considered it a goddess and did not export it. By 500BC, the Greeks had obtained it, the Romans in 300AD and later spread all through Europe.The American domestic comprises95% with theca population in the USA.

It provides a myriad of personalities, colors, patterns and shapes and sizes. Unlike a purebred, its personality can not be determined until it's an adult.It'seasier and fewer expensive to ask for American domestic when compared to a purebred. Local shelters, humane societies, other owners and strays are sources to discover one. With astray, it is recommended to take it to a veterinarian before choosing it.

Laws varies by state regarding legality of your Felis domesticus. If ownership could be established, it will always be considered private house and it is the owner's responsibility to control it. It can believe trapped and returned for the owner or animal control if it strays.

Many areas have leash laws and require vaccination and neutering. Some cat shows possess a household pet category. With regards to the association, a declawed cat can compete. It is judged on beauty, personality, demeanor, condition, balance and proportion. The judging tends to bemire subjective.

It is away for an owner being introduced to the kitten show environment. Breeds not recognized by the associations could be shown within this category.

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