People - Cat / Human - Kittens: The Cat Power Initiating Sensitivity  

Mostly found in cat lovers stories, how this cat power significantly impact to their life. Based on observation and research, cats is believed as the most sensitive creature. This special talent and unique skill has been taught to human for centuries. No wonder from the history of cat, we all know that many centuries ago, they are still being as wild creature. As time goes by, human need cats help and vice versa. This how domestication of cats started.

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In the early years of domestication, cats want to share their sensitivity and loving to human. Human need cats skills to deal with rats. Symbiosis of mutualism began. Gradually human understand what cats wish to share with them. Human used to be logical creatures, seeing things from their only eyes. While cats never judge nor prejudice. They just feel or sensing it when something goes wrong or bad. They even never think about it. However, indeed cats are keen observers.

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Finally, human realised how much the cats' power have been given to enlighten human life all the way. Now it is the time for human to re-learn how to be humaned again. Cats always give their unconditional love no matter who or what we are. It would be a wonderful bliss for human, if at the end, this relationships have affected both life. Cats are voiceless creatures who unable to stand up for their rights. Then, human are becoming as a way to do this, speak up on behalf of them whenever their rights being deteriorated. On the other hand, people feel the pure affection and sincere loving from cats. Thus, it would turn human become sensitive, caring person, loving soul, compassionate and devoted.

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It would be consider as a perfect condition if everyone in this planet sincerely passionate to lend a hand for every efforts in raising awareness the importance on spiritual connections between people with animals and nature. Thus, if only you believe that these matter serves the basic and essential thing to start bonding with our beloved animals and nature. Then hopefully people understand the deep meaning of life balance by considering animals and nature as our significant part of life. At the end, there will be no cruelty to animals or nature, and even to human themselves.

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  • WereBear  
    August 6, 2008 at 6:28 PM

    You have beautifully expressed my own feelings about cats. They are so attuned to what we often ignore; the pure play of feelings.

    The cat relationship is unlike any other; it is two equals, sharing. There isn't any power struggles when we have love between us and our cats.

  • Lux  
    August 7, 2008 at 4:05 AM

    This is all so true. We enjoyed reading this post ...

  • Chizmosa  
    August 7, 2008 at 9:05 PM

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